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3rd Quarter Financials 2019 -- April 16, 2019

IRVINE, California, -- April 16, 2019 -- Biomerica, Inc. (Nasdaq: BMRA) today reported net sales of $4,034,822 for the nine months ending February 28, 2019, compared to $4,433,785 for the period ended February 28, 2018.  Sales for the three months ending February 28, 2019 were $1,261,161 compared to $1,375,666 for the period ended February 28, 2018. In addition, the Company announced progress in both its InFoods IBS clinical study and H. pylori study as well as the issuance of its first patent pertaining to the Company's InFoods family of products that are designed to allow for a revolutionary new treatment option for patients suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and other gastrointestinal diseases.

Net loss for the three months ended February 28, 2019 was $678,746 compared to a net loss of $322,491 during the three months ended February 28, 2018. For the nine months ended February 28, 2019, the Company reported a net loss of $1,607,730 compared to net loss of $798,211 for the nine months in the previous fiscal year.  The quarter ended February 29, 2019 included a $132,000 non-cash stock option related expense.  The Company also announced increased spending on Research and Development of $1,270,288 for the nine months ending February 28, 2019, an increase of $355,707 over the same period ended February 28, 2018.  The intentional increase in Research and Development investment was due primarily to higher patent legal fees as the Company is increasing efforts to attain international patent protection on its major new products, clinical studies being performed on these products, and new research and development on future products.  As a majority of the Company's intellectual property is moving into international (nationalization phase), filing for patent protection has already been paid for, and future intellectual property expenses due to nationalization should be lower.

"We are very pleased that the United States Patent and Trademark Office ("USPTO") has issued a Notice of Allowance for Biomerica's first U.S. patent pertaining to the Company's InFoods family of products.  The patent validates the unique InFoods product which is designed to allow physicians to offer new and better therapies to patients. At the same time, we've contracted with an additional institution to conduct an Endpoint Determination Study on the Company's InFoods IBS product test, expanding our clinical study for this product. We also entered into an agreement with the same institution for a Specimen Collection Study on the Company's H. pylori product. We look forward to announcing further information about our progress for both of the clinical studies underway," said Zack Irani, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Biomerica." We are also optimistic about the prospects of sales in coming quarters for our existing colorectal disease screening product as we are in negotiations with potential new international distributors."About Biomerica (Nasdaq: BMRA)
Biomerica, Inc. ( is a global biomedical company that develops, manufactures and markets advanced diagnostic products used at the point-of-care (in home and in physicians' offices) and in hospital/clinical laboratories for the early detection of medical conditions and diseases. The Company's products are designed to enhance the health and well being of people, while reducing total healthcare costs.  Biomerica primarily focuses on products for Diabetes, Gastrointestinal Disease and esoteric testing. 

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